At Main Supply we’re all about bringing a modern twist to masculinity.
We produce high-quality products to add an effortless effect to your personal style. We understand you want to look cool, without all the fuss (and we’re here to give you what you want).  
We’re frustrated with the ‘old world’ obsession within male grooming and barbering, so we’re proud to be the ‘new kid’ on the block.
Australian born, Main Supply has been conceptualised, designed & formulated by barber Adrian Messina. With a decades worth of experience in the barbering industry, Messina created Main Supply to reflect the modern and urban-focused clientele of his barbershops, The Electric Chair.
While we’ve been formulated at industry standards, Main Supply is for every man. We not only want our product to be used in your local barbershop but also be the staple on your bathroom countertop and the go-to in your wardrobe.
Grooming products are our ride and die; but the creative brains at Main Supply have so much to offer and our apparel lets us create the ultimate Main Supply look from head to toe.
At Main Supply we like to consider ourselves a brand rather than be defined by our products. Modern, effortless & urban; that’s what Main Supply is and what we encompass in everything we do.
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