Subscription Terms & Conditions

The whole purpose of Main Supply is to make male grooming easy and convenient for the everyday man - and our subscription bundles are just an extension of this promise.

To purchase one of Main Supply’s subscription bundles simply click into our ‘subscription’ collection, choose a bundle and follow our prompts to check out.


When purchasing a Main Supply subscription you are acknowledging that you are over the age of 18.


Our subscriptions work on a 6-month basis, meaning all subscriptions are renewed on your purchase date every 6 months.


On this date, your chosen method of payment will be charged automatically by Main Supply Grooming and your chosen products will be automatically shipped to you using the information you supplied at your first checkout.

For example, if you purchased one of our bundles on April 16, 2020, you would receive your first recurring billing charge on September 16, 2020.

Main Supply uses third-party reoccurring billing merchant ReCharge to manage it’s subscription process.

By purchasing a subscription, you agree to an initial and recurring subscription fee at the subscription rate of your first purchase and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges thereafter until you cancel your subscription.

When purchasing a Main Supply subscription bundle, you give Main Supply Grooming the permission to automatically charge the bundles subscription fee to you every six months.

Shipping for Main Supply subscription boxes is free. Shipping of our subscription boxes is based of Main Supply’s normal shipping conditions.

Within 1 week before Main Supply charges you for your reoccurring subscription, we will endeavour to send you a reminder email which gives you the opportunity to make changes to your subscription. Please note, this service is a courtesy and is not guaranteed by Main Supply. It is the responsibility of the customer to know when their reoccurring payment will be charged to their account.

You may cancel your 6-monthly subscription at any time, subject to the terms of our cancellation policy (see below).

When charging a reoccurring subscription fee, if the customer is found to have insufficient funds, Main Supply will try for up to a maximum of four times (1 charge attempt every 2 days) to charge the reoccurring fee. If we do not receive payment from your provider or your payment method has expired, you agree to pay all amounts due upon demand.

You are solely responsible for any an all fees charged to your payment method by the issuer, bank or financial institution related to this subscription including but not limited to membership, overdraft, insufficient funds and over the credit limit fees.

Following such a non-payment, we may require you to provide a second valid credit card before continuing to use our services. By making your initial subscription payment, you authorise us to charge outstanding fees and other amounts due us against any payment method you have on file.

No product will be provided until any payment issues are resolved.

Main Supply reserves the right to take all steps necessary to collect amounts due from you, including but not limited to legal action and/or using third party collection agencies.

If you are having billing issues, you agree to notify Main Supply grooming within 7days of the first failure of reoccurring payment.

You can contact the Main Supply team on

All subscription purchases are subject to Main Supply’s refund and returns policy, which you can read here.

You may cancel your Main Supply subscription at any time by logging into your account and following the prompts there.


If you need help with this process, feel free to email the Main Supply customer care team on

If you would like to receive confirmation of your cancellation please contact this same email for a proof of cancellation.

Cancellation is effective immediately upon completing the cancellation process, which means that after you cancel your subscription you will not be sent additional products. You will however be permitted to keep the products that are already in your possession.

You can not cancel a subscription renewal after the payment date. If you cancel your subscription after your 6-monthly payment date you will still be charged and receive product for the subscription renewal just passed. This cancellation will only stop any future subscription charges and receiving of product.

We do not offer refunds, partial refunds or credits on Main Supply subscriptions for instances outside of the conditions of our returns and refunds policy.


Main Supply will try to continually honour Main Supply bundles offerings and inclusions so as they are the same as when first purchased. However, any changes to bundle offerings will be disclosed to the customer as they happen and are at the sole discretion of Main Supply.


Main Supply will always make sure any supplemented or changed Main Supply products will reflect the original price value of the initially purchased Main Supply subscription bundle. 

In out-of-stock instances, where all or some of a bundles inclusions are not available in our warehouse, Main Supply will suspend subscription payments and shipping until all the product offerings are available again.

Once the subscription can be fulfilled completely, Main Supply will un-suspend your subscription payments and begin shipping subscriptions again. Any customer who had their payment suspended on their original subscription date will be charged on the date the subscription products become available again. 

When subscribing to a Main Supply bundle, you acknowledge that Main Supply can not be held liable for changes to bundle offerings or instances where products are out of stock or discontinued.

Main Supply has a detailed privacy policy, outlining how we handle all sensitive information (including address and billing information) here.


By making your first initial subscription payment you are agreeing to Main Supply’s subscription terms and conditions, Main Supply’s terms of service and Main Supply’s refund and returns policy.


You are also acknowledging that Main Supply has the right to adjust these terms and conditions at any time at our discretion.