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Main Supply Shampoo creates a smooth lather that is designed to remove product while cleansing hair. Appropriate for all hair types, our shampoo has been formulated for every man.



Should you be using wash products in your weekly hair routine? For sure, man! We're here to bust the myth that guys hair doesn't need to be washed. If you want strong, hydrated and healthy hair, our team of qualified barbers recommend using our Main Supply Shampoo once a week (followed by our Main Supply Conditioner). 

This product is especially beneficial for coloured, long or oily hair

How do we know our product will work for you? Well, do you have hair?... Kidding! 
Our Main Supply Conditioner has been formulated with a qualified barber with over a decades worth of industry experience. Plus, we tried and tested this product on countless heads in Australian barbershops for two years.

We're not only created by professionals, but used by Australian barbering professionals every day. 

Still not sure? Email us at to talk to our team of qualified barbers for a personal hair analysis and product recommendation. 


We're glad... it's about time Aussie men started taking their hair seriously!

At Main Supply we’re all about bringing a modern twist to masculinity. Finally! We think the 'old world' obsession in the grooming industry is due for a tidy up.
Main Supply produces high-quality barbershop standard products to add an effortless effect to your personal style. We understand you want to look cool, without all the fuss (and we’re here to give you what you want).
We launched in January 2019 as a way to offer Aussie men the opportunity to ditch low quality supermarket products by making men's grooming convenient!
Not only do we offer premium products online with free domestic shipping across the ENTIRE country, but we are also stocked in a bunch of Australian barbershops. We weren't lying, we really are at barbershop standard...

Australian born, Main Supply has been conceptualised, designed & formulated by barber Adrian Messina. With over a decades worth of experience in the barbering industry, Adrian created our brand to reflect the modern and urban-focused clientele of his barbershops, The Electric Chair.
While we’ve been formulated at industry standards, Main Supply is for every man.
EVERY product we create is cruelty free and we have product options that are vegan, paraben free, sls free & silicone free too.
Yep, we take providing you with a good product pretty seriously.
In fact, we have a dedicated team of qualified barbers who you can email for FREE about your hair issues and get a personal recommendation on which Main Supply product is your best fit.
just write in to (and you might even end up talking to Adrian himself).

Long story short, the Main Supply team spends their day taking the hassle and guess work out of your grooming routine - leaving you the time to ditch the excuses as to why you don't use better products.

We like to consider ourselves a brand rather than be defined by our products. Modern, uncomplicated & authentic; that’s what Main Supply is and what we encompass in everything we do.
Still need to know more?! Feel free to contact our customer care team at 

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